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The table below shows a list of 14 attributes representing risk of different occurrences to the selected road section and their scores on following characteristics:

Exposure – Exposure score represents the degree to which the chosen road section is exposed to magnitude, character and rate of climate change. 0 represents negligible exposure, while 1, 2 & 3 represent low, medium and high exposure respectively. The score considers current and potential future exposure levels.

Sensitivity – Sensitivity represents degree to which the section is affected by adverse occurrences. Score of 0 represents low or negligible service disruption or damage; 1 localized service disruption, no permanent damage and/or need of minor restorations; 2 represents widespread infrastructure damage requiring moderate repairs and partial damage to local infrastructure; 3 represents permanent or extensive damage requiring substantial repairs.

Vulnerability – Vulnerability is a degree to which the selected road section is susceptible to, or unable to cope with adverse effects of climate change. The Vulnerability score is derived from two preceding metrics, Exposure and Sensitivity;thus, its value is sum of the two. 6 represents an extremely high level of vulnerability, while 0 represents no vulnerability.

Impact probability – Impact probability refers to likelihood of an impact occurring within a given timeframe. 5 represents an event that is almost certain to happen (close to 100% probability), while 1 represents a highly unlikely occurrence (close to 0%).

Impact severity – Impact severity refers to severity of an occurrence if it were to happen, regardless of probability. 5 represents very severe consequences of an event, while 1 stands for mild consequences.

Risk score – Risk score represents absolute risk within the given timeframe taking into account Vulnerability, Impact probability and Impact severity. The maximum risk score is 25 representing extremely high and imminent risk to the selected road section. Lowest possible risk is represented by value of 1.

Exposure Sensitivity Vulnerability Impact Probability Impact Severity Risk Score
No risk events data for that date and road section.